Correct Dosage of Salty AF

Correct Dosage of Salty AF

How much is enough?
Do I need to take more after exercise?
What about when I'm not active?
I drank too much! How much Salty AF should I take?

These are all very good questions and you can see our recommended guidelines below.

  • We recommend taking 2 droppers full once per day. This should keep your electrolytes replenished regardless of whether you're exercising or not.

Ask yourself these questions...

  • Am I an active person and exercising regularly?
  • Am I exerting more physical strain than normal?
  • Am I overly stressed about something?
  • Am I planning on drinking alcohol of caffeine?

Electrolytes are commonly depleted when we are exerting ourselves physically, when we are experiencing emotional stress and after consuming alcohol or caffeine.

The amount of Salty AF you need will completely depend on your lifestyle.

Are you a heavy drinker and enjoy pounding down a few cocktails and/or beers? Guzzle up some Salty AF before you head to bed and see the difference. From our own in-house testing, we find that taking 3 droppers full after alcohol consumption can help ease the drinking effects.

Are you a gym rat and have been pumping the iron on the daily? Taking the recommended 2 droppers full after your workout should be enough to replenish the electrolytes you're depleted in.

Work of life got you beat and you're stressing about something? 2 droppers full should keep you going, but you really need to do what you can to eliminate that stress. Living in a stressful state can lead to your body being in a state of "dis-ease."

Like everything in life, one size does not fit all.

The key with Salty AF is to try it and increase or decrease your dosage as needed. You'll soon see the effects of using Salty AF on a regular basis and before long you'll know exactly how much to take based on how you feel.

Our bodies are constantly giving us feedback. We need to start listening!

Don't worry about overdosing... just stick with 2-3 droppers full per dosage after strenuous drinking, exercise or periods of stress and see how you feel after.

You'll soon know if you need more!

As your body is replenished, you'll likely find you can reduce your dosage and still receive the same desired effects.