Can You Overdose On Electrolytes?

Can You Overdose On Electrolytes?

The short answer to this question is no.
The long answer is probably not.

Isn't that an enigma?

Here's our understanding from years of personal testing and from a science based approach.

As our body uses up it's electrolytes, inherently, our bodies seek to replenish them.

Think of the goats in Peru who instinctively climb tall mountains to access areas of salt deposits, just so they can get their electrolytes. It's the same with all animals. They will go to great lengths to access their electrolytes because they have an unstoppable urge to revitalize the body with it's much needed salts.

It literally keeps everything going within the body.

Us humans are the exact same way.

Yet, in today's social settings, it's becoming increasingly difficult to source natural electrolytes within our everyday diets.  You could drink a sports drink, but they are filled with sugars, colors and preservatives.  Ick!

So what is our solution? Supplement with a product like Salty AF.

Salty AF's electrolyte blend is liquid based and easily absorbed by the body.

From our own personal testing, we've yet to find the point where "enough is enough". With that said, that's just us in our office adding Salty to every glass of water we drink, or taking a squirt in the mouth with a gulp of water or juice.

So can you overdose? We haven't been able to.

But can you overdose? Like everything in life, moderation and listening to your body's natural reaction is essential in making good decisions for yourself. You can overdose on water and air if you ingest too much!

Instead of wondering if you're taking too much, we prefer a change in thinking... maybe you could ask yourself "how am I feeling after my salty dose?" - "what is my natural intuition telling me?"